About This Project


In this project, we have created a short corporate animation to introduce the vision and missions of our client, TMT, a tech group that uses innovative technologies to produce functional textiles for the fashion industry. The presented animation aims to enhance the brand image of TMT and to describe to the audience the main features of TMT products.

This project is an example of how we apply particle systems to a variety of visual ideas, using the following two techniques: particle simulations and motion ideas. The former features the use of a variety of particle simulations that help create an array of realistic visual effects, including the rain, the wind, and the smoke. The latter utilizes particleFX to showcase some of the most delicate and finest movements such as knitting, falling raindrops, fabric stretch, and more in the animation. The combined use of the above techniques leads to particle-based 3D object visualization of superb quality in our editing for a high-end introductory visual representation of the TMT group and its proud history.


3D Visualization


Visual Effects

3D visualization, Animation, Motion Graphic, Visual effects