In this project, we have created a short corporate animation to introduce our client, TMT, a tech group that produces functional textiles with new technologies for the fashion industry. The aim of the animation is to enhance the brand image and describe what the main features of TMT’s products are to the audiences.

This project is an example of how we applied particle systems to create a variety of visual ideas, which can be divided into two different areas: Firstly, we had used several particle simulations to create different kinds of realistic visual effects, like rain, wind, and smoke, etc. Besides, we created a variety of motion ideas with particleFX, like knitting, raindrop, and fabric stretch, etc. In the end, we have combined those visualizations we created with particles with 3d objects to edit a high-end visual story to introduce the TMT group.


3D Visualization


Visual Effects

3D visualization, Animation, Motion Graphic, Visual effects