About This Project

OPEARL Advertising

This video project showcases our client’s new brooch design which is designed with pearls and silver. The client wanted to enhance that the pearls they use are 100% natural pearls, this we used as one of our key points in this animation. At the beginning of the storyline, we visualize in an artistic way a short scene of how the natural pearl grows inside the shell.

In the video, the pearls dance and bounce on a flowing silver surface and it is synchronized with the background music to present a dynamic flow. For this idea, we took inspiration from the brooch slogan “rhythm of vision”. The floating thin silver sheets in the video also represents that the brand has a very high-end skill in forming the silver, so the ornament of the brooch is light and airy. There is a mix of close-up shots and shoots of the whole product which gives the audience a clear image of the beauty of this brooch design.


3D Visualization


Product Promotion

Motion Graphic

Animation, Motion Graphic