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TROIS Advertising

For this project, the biggest challenge was to present the humidity in the air in a tangible way and make it interact with the dehumidifier product. We used this idea as a starting point in the ideation process and came up with a fun solution to create a ripple effect as the main feature to emphasize the movement of the water bubble. This visualization presents the idea in an abstract way and gives a more dynamic feeling to the scene. During the video, we have applied different kinds of camera speed to present different objects, for example, showing the aesthetics of the movement we used slow-motion to present the water bubble dripping and bouncing on the surface. At the end of the scene, we added water droplets on the window of the dehumidifier to show how the product works and drags the whole storyline back to reality.


3D Visualization


Product Promotion

Motion Graphic

Animation, Motion Graphic