About This Project


In this project, we created a short video clip for our client, Beetouch, to promote their upcoming honey product. Beetouch is known to produce pure organic, free-range, and natural honey products. In order to enhance their brand image to the audiences, we decided to tell the new product’s story from the very beginning, which focuses on what happened on the part of nature.

To be able to reach this goal, we have built different models of cherry blossom’s branch, cherry blossom flowers and honeycomb from scratch so that we could combine different kinds of visual effects to create fun motion ideas. Moreover, to be able to present the cherry blossom product with the right color tone, we have used softer light sources during the whole clip and apply pinkish and pastel colors to the entire objects.



3D Visualization


Visual Effects

3D visualization, Animation, Motion Graphic, Visual effects